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WOMAC® 3.1 User Guide XI

The following is the Table of Contents from the WOMAC® 3.1 User Guide XI.



Conceptual Basis

Derivation of the Item Inventory

Validation Studies (Reliability, Validity, Responsiveness)

Orthopaedic Validation Study
Pharmacologic Validation Study

Specific Clinimetric Issues

Likert vs Visual Analogue Scaling
Prior Score Availability
Time Frame Dependency
Signal vs Aggregate Measurement
Parametric vs Non-Parametric Analysis
Relative Efficiency
Weighting and Aggregation
Electronic Data Capture (EDC)
Alternate Language Translations
Rasch Analyses
Predictive Value
Applications in Studies of Purported Structure-Modifying Drugs in OA
Applications in non-OA disorders

Administrative Issues

Formatting the Index
Index Presentation
Score Calculation
Scale Transformation Issues
Statistical Issues

Score Interpretation Issues

Responder Criteria
State-attainment Criteria
Population-based Age- and Gender-Specific Normative Values

Guidance Documents

OMERACT Core Set Measures for OA
OARSI Clinical Trials Guidelines
IMMPACT Guidelines for Pain Studies
FDA Guidance Document on Patient Reported Outcome Measures



Appendix I: WOMAC® 3.1 Alternate Language Translations
Appendix II: An Explanation Of The Meaning of Questions In The WOMAC® Osteoarthritis Index Inventory

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Australian/Canadian (AUSCAN) Osteoarthritis Hand Index
Osteoarthritis Global Index (OGI)
Osteoarthritis Modular Measurement System (O2MS)

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